Hello. My Name Is Doris

Posted on March 25, 2016


Hello. My Name Is Doris – Doris (Sally Field) is a hoarder who wears cool shoes and wildly unique outfits. She’s probably somewhat angry that she’s spent the best part of her life taking care of her now deceased mother. So she decides to do some changing. When John, a good looking young man (Max Greenfield), starts working at her office, her vivid imagination goes into overdrive. You laugh while she giggles like a teenager and you cringe while hoping she doesn’t make a fool of herself.

Ms. Field uses all her mighty acting skills here. Watch her dance, watch her scream, watch her watch John’s girlfriend. It’s a lesson in living life to the fullest, appreciating your best friends, welcoming new ones, and knowing when to move on.

Sally Field. I like you, I really like you.