Posted on March 1, 2016


Race – In the 1930s when Hitler was in the midst of his horrendous craziness and the U.S. was considering boycotting the Olympics, a young black man named J.C. “Jesse” Owens (Stephan James) was just what was needed. The Nazis lumped Jews, blacks and dogs in the same category. Many Americans felt the same way about blacks.

With the help of tough but fair Coach Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis), Jesse earns four gold medals for his country and makes the Nazis eat dirt. He comes home to a hero’s welcome but still has to use the servant’s entrance in fancy hotels. Shame on that time.

Good performance by James and William Hurt as well as Jeremy Irons, an Olympic mediator who gets turned by greed. Carice von Houten plays a journalist wanting to get it all on film. It’s a decent movie and shows that there are good people of all races and nationalities just as there are a-holes in all races and nationalities.