Posted on November 27, 2015


Brooklyn – In the 1950’s a young Irish girl Eilise (Soarse Ronan) is sent to Brooklyn for a better life. Shy and timid at first, she’s desperately homesick for her family and Ireland. She soon makes friends with the other women who live together with her in a boardinghouse. Then along comes Tony (Emory Cohen), an Italian plumber, and she blossoms.

When a family tragedy occurs, she and Tony secretly marry before she sails back to Ireland. But once home in the land of the green, a perfect job is available to her and a young man her mother calls quite a catch (Domhnall Gleeson) begins to pursue her. Thoughts of Tony and Brooklyn fade and her two worlds seem very far apart.

It’s kind of an innocent, somewhat sweet, romantic story. The setting, both in Brooklyn and Ireland, is very pretty. Jim Broadbent plays the helpful priest. Several interesting characters, a couple of mean bitches, and a cute eight-year-old brother to Tony.