Love, The Coopers

Posted on November 14, 2015


Love, The Coopers – Close to ending a 40-year marriage, Charlotte Cooper (Diane Keaton) wants to have one big happy Christmas before telling the family she and Sam (John Goodman) are calling it quits. Most of the other members are having problems, too, such as no job, no boyfriend, no life. It has a snowy, beautifully-decorated Christmas background and a glum feel with an impressive cast. Olivia Wilde is daughter Eleanor, Jake Lacy is G.I. Joe, Ed Helms is snorting son Hank, June Squibb is Aunt Fishy.

Highlights are the friendship between 80-year-old grandpa Bucky (Alan Arkin) and 29-year-old waitress Ruby (Amanda Seyfried); and an in-depth conversation that takes place in the backseat of a cop car between Charlotte’s sister Emma (Marisa Tomei) after she’s arrested for shoplifting and Officer Percy Williams (Anthony Mackie).

For some reason the family thinks little Madison saying “You are such a dick” is cute and laughable. Made me want to wash her mouth out with soap.