Posted on November 7, 2015


Spectre – Not the best Bond movie, not the worst, but looks like it may be the last for Daniel Craig. Bond (Craig) has a video from the late M (Judi Dench) telling him to kill off a certain bad guy. In the meantime, a few in MI5 are planning to kill off the Double O program. Especially a newcomer named Max Denbigh, called “C” by Bond, (Andrew Scott), who wants to replace it with technology and spying on everyone.

Bond travels from Mexico City to London to Rome to Austria while the new M (Ralph Fiennes) and Q (Ben Whishaw) strive to keep his butt – I still think he wears butt pads – safe while he destroys million dollar cars, uses a plane as a snowmobile, drinks dirty martinis and gets in even dirtier fights. A fight in a helicopter as it soars and dips above thousands is kind of cool. For all the action that goes on, it does drag a little in parts.

Lea Seydoux is Bond’s latest love interest, Madeleine. She works hard at looking sexy. Christoph Waltz is the crazed Oberhauser/Biofeld and nobody does crazy like Mr. Waltz. Loved Q, he keeps getting better. Overall, it’s somewhat fun but it’s no Skyfall.