Posted on November 1, 2015


Truth – A behind the scenes look at what happened in 2004 when CBS News producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) investigated the military record of then-President George W. Bush. 1. Were strings pulled to get him into the National Guard? 2. Did he fulfill his military obligation?

Documents showed that Dubya was AWOL for about a year, politicking instead of soldiering in 1972. A military dude admitted he helped get him in the Guard. Because only copies of the papers were available, nothing could be authenticated. Major pressure came from somewhere- think a big house painted white- and attention was diverted from the truth. Dan Rather (Robert Redford) “resigned” as anchor. Other members of the team were asked to resign. Mary Mapes was fired.

Redford occasionally looks Rather-like with red tie and suspenders. He does a great job one time of looking drunk after a few drinks. Blanchett and Topher Grace, as Mike Smith, are very good.
If you’re a Bush fan, you will not like this movie.