Posted on October 30, 2015


Burnt – Five years ago Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) was a two-star Michelin chef when alcohol and drugs intervened. He threw away his career and everyone around him. Now with help from psychologist Dr. Rosshilde (Emma Thompson), he wants to make a comeback and gain that highly prized third star. In order to be a good chef, it seems you have to be arrogant, have a major temper, scream and yell at staff and break a lot of dishes.

Adam expects perfection and pulls together a top-notch team with Helene (Sienna Miller), Michel (Omar Sy), David (Sam Keeley) and Max (Riccardo Scamarcio). Tony (Daniel Bruhl) is maitre d’ and a little bit in love with Adam. Reece (Matthew Rhys) is his number one competitor. Lily (Lexie Benbow-Hart) is Helene’s adorable daughter with masses of hair.

Some fabulous looking food. I could have done without the raw meat. Good acting, good soundtrack and you get to see Mr. Cooper’s eyes in most of the scenes plus he cooks and he speaks French. Ooh la la.