Meet The Patels

Posted on October 25, 2015


Meet The Patels – One of the most delightful documentaries ever. Ravi Patel comes from a great big happy American-Indian family and now that he’s almost 30, he envisions the rest of his life being like that with a marriage as good as mom and dad. Dad was “short and a little chubby” when they were matched, according to Mom but he made her laugh which may be the main requirement in a long lasting marriage. Ravi thinks in order to achieve what they have; he needs to marry an Indian girl. His parents support that idea and prefer one whose last name is also Patel. Not a relative. Apparently Patels make up most of India in addition to owning 90% of the hotels in the US.

Ravi breaks up with girlfriend Audrey whom he’s kept a secret and begins a year-long search with the aid of all his relatives to find the perfect match. Filmed by also-unmarried sister Geeta, they attend weddings, fly from one state to another, and even go to a Patel Matrimonial Convention.

Part of the movie is done with cartoon-like characters. All of it is good. Just an FYI, a wheatish-brown skin color is highly desirable in the Indian community.