Posted on October 25, 2015


Grandma – Elle (Lily Tomlin) is a bit harsh to pretty much everyone and has a trash mouth.
She’s struggling with the loss of her long-term partner Violet and a recent relationship with Olivia (Judy Greer) who is about a third her age. Estranged from daughter Judy (Marcia Gay Harden), she tries to be a better grandparent to Sage (Julia Garner). Teenage Sage is pregnant after she and her boyfriend used up the 110-count box of condoms purchased by Judy. Driving a 1955 Dodge, Elle spends a long day trying to borrow $600 to pay for Sage’s abortion, including a visit to still angry ex-husband Karl (Sam Elliott). Yeah, it’s complicated.

Naturally with Ms. Tomlin, there’s plenty of humor but don’t expect a comedy. Introspection, compassion, family and friendship are covered. Good acting by all. Note – Elle gets punched in the mouth by a little girl and ends up with a black eye.