Bridge of Spies

Posted on October 17, 2015


Bridge of Spies- James Donovan (Tom Hanks) is an ordinary insurance lawyer when he gets tasked with defending accused Russian spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) during the Cold War period. He’s the kind of man who stands up for the principles of the United States of America no matter the outside pressure he receives. If Diogenes had ever met him, he’d have stopped his search. He believes Abel was just doing his job and saves him from execution. At the same time, Francis Gary Powers (Austin Stowell) is shot down and captured in Russia. Donovan is then asked to negotiate an exchange of the two prisoners.

It’s a beautiful, artful movie written by the Coen brothers and directed by Steven Spielberg. Interestingly, there were several conversations in either Russian or German language that were not translated.

I think Hanks and Spielberg will receive nominations in the February awards shows but as of this moment, I’m definitely counting on Rylance for best supporting actor. His performance was stellar.