The Martian

Posted on October 5, 2015


The Martian – Believing astronaut Mark Witney (Matt Damon) is dead, Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastain) and team head back to Earth without him when a violent storm forces them to abort their mission on Mars. Since it may be four years before the next mission makes it to the red planet, Witney uses his botanist brain and quickly figures out how to make water and grow food, or at least potatoes, on the place where nothing grows. Left with only 70s disco music, Witney keeps calm and maintains a terrific sense of humor even as he prepares for what looks like certain death. After NASA has memorialized him, ground control finds out he’s alive and starts working on a plan to bring him home.

Watching the crew float around inside the spaceship’s cabin is ever so cool. There are a number of stressful moments but they’re relieved by levity – duct tape works well everywhere. It’s a fascinating look at space and shows what can happen when the world’s hearts and minds work together to save one man. Even if you don’t understand all the astro-physic stuff that goes on, just pretend you do. A great cast and the acting is top-notch – Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Kristen Wiig, Chewetel Ejiofor. Damon is maturing quite nicely.

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