The Intern

Posted on October 1, 2015


The Intern – Retirement is not working for 70-something Ben Whitaker (Robert DeNiro). He gets hired in a new “senior intern” program to work with the founder of a rapidly growing internet fashion company. Everyone is totally charmed by Ben, except frenetic Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) who is just way too busy to deal with an intern. She rides a bicycle through the office to save time. Ben becomes her biggest fan. She soon finds he’s a great sounding board and he calms her.

All the young principals in the company are so nice and respectful of Ben. They go to him for advice and try to be like him. Not sure why, but I found this a bit hard to believe. Jules’ greatest fear is that she’ll end up single and be buried in a section with single strangers. Overall, it’s a sweet, pleasant movie. About the time it starts to get emotional, it’s lightened with humor. Loved Jane (Erin Mackey), Jules’ overworked assistant. Paige, the little daughter, is captivating. Rene Russo is the company’s house masseuse. She and Ben have their first date at a funeral.

Jules wears some great clothes. Both she and Ben have beautiful townhomes in picturesque Brooklyn. Hathaway’s boobs look a wee bit bigger than I remember.