A Walk In The Woods

Posted on September 5, 2015


A Walk in the Woods – This tells the story of how the book “A Walk In The Woods” came about. Author Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) hasn’t done much worthwhile writing for a while and wants to accomplish something before it’s too late. He decides to walk the 2000+ mile Appalachian Trail. Wife (Emma Thompson) says no way is he going alone. After being rejected by numerous aged friends, decrepit whiskey-voiced Steven Katz (Nick Nolte) offers up himself as traveling companion.

The two have quite an adventure. They encounter a snowstorm, meet bears, hide from a highly annoying woman named Mary Ellen (Kristen Schaal), and fall off cliffs. Katz has to run from a jealous husband. Amusing scene where he helps Beulah (Susan McPhail) untangle her panties from a laundromat machine. Bryson gets hit on by a much younger woman (Mary Steenburgen).

It’s a movie for the older crowd. The scenery is gorgeous and Bryson gives a lot of information as they travel. Naturally, there are age jokes and sex jokes – mainly lack of. Some good lines – “Books are like TV for smart people” and “How many mountains do you have to see?” It’s pretty entertaining. Rated R – I’m assuming for the language which is not that bad.