Ricki And The Flash

Posted on August 12, 2015


Ricki And The Flash – Meryl Streep plays Ricki Rendazzo, a musician who never made it to rock star fame but still seems to have hope. She used to be known as Linda Brummel with a husband (Kevin Kline) and three kids. She wasn’t very good at being a wife or mother. Now bankrupt, she comes home to Indianapolis to help daughter Julie (Mamie Gummer – real life daughter) whose husband just left her. Julie isn’t handling this very well at all. Later , son Josh gets married and Ricki along with boyfriend Greg (Rick Springfield) come to the wedding where Ricki is a bit of an embarrassment to the conservative crowd.

Streep sings and plays guitar like the pro that she is but I couldn’t help but feel that she’s about ten years too old for the part. Please forgive me for saying that. Daughter Mamie almost outshines Ms. Streep, especially in the first part where she’s all depressed and has rat’s nest hair.

If you’re from Indiana like I am, you’ll immediately know the town they’re in is not Indianapolis. There’s lots of good music here although I kind of hoped to hear Jessie’s Girl.