Infinitely Polar Bear

Posted on August 1, 2015


Infinitely Polar Bear – Based on a true story, Cameron (Mark Ruffalo) is a functioning manic depressive most of the time. He comes from an eccentric, “Old Bostonian” family who won’t help out financially. Instead of paying for a good school for his two daughters, Gaga would rather give him a Bentley. While wife Maggie (Zoe Saldana) goes for more education, Cam stays home to take care of the two girls, Amelia and Faith. His weird behavior and their messy, cluttered apartment embarrasses them. The youngest refers to it as a s***hole. Nevertheless, he’s a good dad when he’s not drinking or yelling at them. They easily forgive him and spend as much time looking after him as he does them.

The kids are adorably smart and knowing beyond their years. Ruffalo is excellent, going from hyper to pitiful to not taking his meds. Saldana is just gorgeous. In the end, bi-polar or not, Cam has to learn to stand on his own just as the girls do. It’s a little sad but really good and a fresh look at this particular type of mental illness and how it affects everyone around.