Posted on June 20, 2015


Inside Out- Her father pronounces her a “bundle of joy” when she’s born, but Riley is soon programmed with other emotions like fear, anger, sadness and disgust. By the time she’s 11 years old, these feelings get all mixed together in her and make up her personality. Joy (Amy Pohler) is like the cheerleader at headquarters. Sadness (Phyllis Smith) is so cute and, well, so depressing. Disgust (Mandy Kaling) is the fashionista of the group. She has cool green hair.

It kind of shows how memories are made, how they are lost and how some things stay in your head forever -“Double your pleasure, double your fun” or “I am stuck on Band aids..” It also shows how they can get off-track and that the so-called bad emotions can be useful as long as they don’t become a habit.

Animation has come so far, these characters seem very real. A fun family movie. A short film called Lava preceded the movie – about a male volcano looking for a mate. He sings a song which is heard by a female volcano under the sea. They eventually meet. I lava-d it.

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