Posted on May 30, 2015


Aloha- Brian Gilchrist (Bradley Cooper) is back in Hawaii to help billionaire developer Carson Welch launch a satellite and privatize the air space. Former love (Rachel McAdams) is now married to Woody (John Krasinski). She and Brian broke up 13 years ago. She now has a 12 year-old daughter…figure it out…and a 10 year -old son. Captain Allison Ng (Emma Stone) is charged with keeping an eye on Gilchrist. She’s a rah-rah, no-nonsense, on her way up the military ladder, peppermint-tea drinking kind of girl. Bill Murray is the crazed billionaire developer. Alec Baldwin has a small part as a general. He yells at Cooper in about the same tone as he would his own daughter.

No one really seems to be taking the story seriously, except for the real Hawaiians who sincerely believe their myths, superstitions and folklore. And who’s to say it isn’t true. Two of the best scenes are wordless – one with Brian and Woody, and one with Brian and daughter Grace.

Good soundtrack, from Hawaiian songs to “The Wheels On The Bus.” It’s a very light, kind of silly fun movie that you can definitely wait for video. Of course, two hours watching Bradley Cooper is not hard.