Posted on May 24, 2015


Tomorrowland – In 1964, little Frank Walker (Thomas Robinson) invented a jet pak and was brought into a secret group by young Athena (Raffey Cassidy) where the brightest, most imaginative minds worked to create an extraordinary world. Fifty years later Frank (George Clooney) is still hurting over having lost his 11-year-old heart to Athena who turned out to be a machine. Now Athena has recruited a super-smart teenager, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) to re-motivate Frank and save the world.

Futuristic machines and laser beams are mixed with herky-jerky movements and head slaps. House’s Hugh Laurie is acerbic Dave Nix, governor of the new world. One of the secret service robots looks a lot like Barbie’s friend Ken on steroids. Kid cuteness overflows here. Both Casey’s little brother Nate (Pierce Gagnon) and little Frank are adorable. Tim McGraw plays Casey’s dad.

This is the kind of movie I loved as a kid and liked it just as much now. It made you think that anything and everything was possible, that the future was limitless and all sorts of amazing, exciting things were just around the corner. Thanks, George, we need more of these but remember to cut about 15-20 minutes out of the next one.

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