5 Flights Up

Posted on May 10, 2015


5 Flights Up – After 40 years of living in their fifth floor walk-up Brooklyn apartment, Ruth (Diane Keaton) and Alex (Morgan Freeman) are ready to sell and move to one with an elevator. Or at least that’s what her niece Lily Porter (Cynthia Nixon) who happens to be a pushy real estate agent thinks they should do.
The apartment is now worth a million dollar but a stopped truck on the Brooklyn Bridge causes the media to decide a terrorist with a bomb is about to bring the city down. A slew of characters referred to as “blue leggings,” “the sweaters,” and “dog couple” come trooping through their home, most just looking.
Alex is contemplative, remembering his and Ruth’s younger selves, played by Claire van der Bloom and Korey Jackson. Claire finds the perfect new place for them. Freeman seems so genuine and comfortable with himself and Keaton acts like her usual slightly frantic, buttoned up persona. Nixon does a really good job portraying a sales agent who is determined to make a deal.
It’s a movie that those of a certain age will definitely enjoy.