Danny Collins

Posted on April 10, 2015


Danny Collins – On his birthday, aging (aged?) rock star Danny Collins (Al Pacino) is given a letter that John Lennon wrote to him in 1971 which he has never seen before. He starts to wonder what his life might have been like if he had received the letter back then. He decides to give up the drugs, alcohol, super young girls and write the kind of music he really wants. He also wants to make up for neglecting son Tom (Bobby Cannavale) and family – wife Samantha (Jennifer Garner) and very loud ADHD granddaughter Hope (Giselle Eisenberg). Checking into the Hilton for an indefinite time to start writing, he meets hotel manager Mary (Annette Bening – she always looks like the kind of person you could have fun with). They have good “patter” together.

Manager (Christopher Plummer) sets up a gig for Danny to try out his new sound and like Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party”, his fans only want to hear “Hey Baby Doll” – which kind of reminds you of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

It’s got a lot of funny, some sweet with some bitter, a bit of irreverence, and they say “effing” a lot. The little girl is pretty good and Christopher Plummer is just good. It drags a bit toward the end but there’s some Lennon background music through it. Pacino looks like a greasy, sleazy mobster – the years have not been kind to him. You won’t believe how Danny’s way-too-young fiancée Sophie (Katarina Cas) covers her lady parts when she comes out of the shower.