Red Army

Posted on March 31, 2015


Red Army – An insightful look into the minds of Russian hockey players and politicians. Starting when he was 10, Viacheslav Fetisov was trained to play hockey for the Red Army. Luckily, Coach Tarasov was his first coach and one who believed the sport was also an art. Under his leadership, the team known as the Fab Five (not the I-wanna-hold-your-hand five) became the best hockey team in the world and continued to be great even while under Coach Tikhinov, a not so nice guy.
After winning numerous games and awards, “Slavi” wants to play for the NHL. On the surface it appears he’s free to go, but in private they won’t let him leave. He is fiercely loyal to his country while not always approving of its ways.
It’s really a fascinating documentary, and interesting to note that the Russians are a lot less aggressive than Americans and Canadians in their playing. The way they glide and work together is like a dance.