Posted on March 29, 2015


Serena – If you haven’t read the book by Ron Rash, let me tell you, you can read all 371 pages in less time than it takes to watch this movie. It moves very slowly, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. In the late 1920s, George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper) owns a large lumber/logging business.
He meets and immediately marries Serena (Jennifer Lawrence). His sister warns him she is lovely but wounded. She’s tough as nails, possessive and a bit crazy. She can fell a tree with the best of them. She tames eagles. She and George have lots of good sex. His right hand man Buchanan (David Dencik) is not too taken with her as he appears to want to keep George all to himself.

Even crazier though is Galloway (Rhys Ifans – Spike in Notting Hill). He feels it was prophesied that he take care of Serena when things start to go wrong. There are several horrible accidents and a few horrible non-accidents. Some good acting including, of course, Ms. Lawrence, Toby Jones as the sheriff, Ana Ularu as Rachel, Sam Reid as Vaughn, Dencik, and Ifans is chillingly good. There’s a lot of pretty with the two costars and the mountain scenery.

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