The Gunman

Posted on March 22, 2015


The Gunman – Jim Terrier (Sean Penn) has to go into hiding after being chosen as the shooter to assassinate the Minister of Mining in the Congo. He was there in a duplicitous role, sometimes aiding the rebels, sometimes helping his girlfriend Annie (Jasmine Trinca) in her humanitarian efforts. Terrier suffers from a post traumatic condition with debilitating headaches and ends up being hunted down by some other really bad guys. Javier Bardem (Felix) plays a slightly crazed friend who marries Annie while Jim is in hiding. He’s suffering from guilt, too, for all the horrible things they did.

Penn looks good in the shower – his arms are kind of Popeye-ish – and he takes out half dozen guys at a time. After a while, you just think “Really?” Bloody and very violent – unnecessarily so. It gets in the way of the story. I think I may have to stop going to these.