Posted on March 15, 2015


Cinderella – If it’s been a while since you last saw Cinderella, you’re reminded of how it all began. Ella is treated like a princess by her loving parents. Too soon, her mother dies. Ella and her father (Ben Chaplin) manage to continue on contentedly until he takes a wife (Cate Blanchett) with two daughters. After he dies, stepmom and stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella treat Cinderella (Lily James) like a lowly slave forcing her to live in the attic with her pet mice. One day she meets a handsome stranger (Richard Madden), not realizing he is the prince soon to be king, and well you know the rest.

Kenneth Branagh brings the animated story to life and it’s quite dazzling. Gorgeous clothes.
Cate Blanchett is frightfully wicked, cruel, a bit bawdy, bitter, and has a wonderful cackle. The stepsisters are not so much ugly as just dim-witted. The Fairy Godmother is played by (who’da thought) Helena Bonham Carter.

I so love a good fairy tale. And I’d pretty much kill for a fairy godmother. Have courage and be kind.

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