The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Posted on March 7, 2015


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Sonny (Dev Patel) is still his jubilant, distrustful, slapdash self. He and Mrs. Donnelly ( Maggie Smith) want to expand into another hotel. His fiancée (Tena Desae) wants his attention. The regulars – Douglas (Bill Nighy); Evelyn (Judi Dench); Madge (Celia Imrie); Norman (Ronald Pickup); Carol (Diana Hardcastle): Jean (Penelope Wilson) continue with their lives: failing memory, health issues, affairs, divorce, etc.

It’s about growing older and what comes after. It’s not always the end – sometimes it’s another beginning but sometimes it is the end. Penelope Wilson is delightfully wicked. Nighy is pure delight. David Straithairn and Richard Gere are newcomers adding spark.

Not as light as the first one, but beautifully colorful and a great movie for grown-ups. Kick-ass wedding dance. Just an FYI, apparently they drive on both sides of the road in India.