McFarland USA

Posted on February 21, 2015


McFarland, USA – The All-American sports story about Mexican-immigrants that won nine cross-country state championships in 14 years. In 1987, football Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) is kind of banished to the poorest county in California where he notices some of the kids can run really fast. They see themselves as “pickers” with not much chance of going any further. White sees possibilities of a winning cross-country team. At first, they call him Blanco or White – in a tone that means the W word “Whitey.”

White and his wife and two daughters begin to assimilate into the community as he slowly builds seven runners into a team until they eventually call him Coach. You want the team to win but you can’t help but cheer a little harder for the fat kid and in the end he brings it home.

The music makes you want to have a margarita and dance. And speaking of dance, those boys have some major moves. I do wish Hollywood though would stop casting 30 year-olds as high-schoolers.