Song Of The Sea

Posted on February 20, 2015


Song Of The Sea –An animated film from Ireland has Ben and his parents awaiting the birth of little sister, Saoirse, pronounced Seersha. Mom dies in childbirth. At age six, Saorise still doesn’t speak. She’s drawn to the sea. Granny decides Ben and his sister need to live in the city. They run away and are caught up in another world, mostly underwater, where fairies declare Saoirse is a “selkie” (not to be confused with a selfie) which is part seal, part human.

All the mythological stories Ben learned from his mom turn out to be true and Saoirse is the only one who can save the day. She uses the shell left to Ben to summon a string of lights which help lead the way. A sweet, touching movie with a bit of magic about family and love. The Celtic music is peaceful and relaxing. It’s a little softer overall, even the colors seem softer than most other animated films.

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