Two Days, One Night

Posted on February 8, 2015


Two Days, One Night – After being out of work due to a nervous breakdown, Sandra (Marion Cotillard) finds her factory job in jeopardy. Her co-workers are asked to choose between her coming back or a bonus of 1,000 Euros. She has one weekend to try to get them to change their vote. She feels guilty for asking still her family needs her salary to keep her off “the dole” – I think that’s welfare in Europe. Of course, her workmates need the bonus and they, too, feel guilty for having to say no.

Even with her very supportive husband Manu (Fabrizio Rongione), Sandra can barely hold herself together and continues to take more Xanax than she should. As she makes the rounds pleading her case, lives are changed with family fights, divorce and introspection.

Wearing almost no makeup, the same pair of pants throughout, and messy hair pulled back in ponytail, Ms. Cotillard manages to look French-chic. I felt obligated to search for flaws. She could maybe use some butt-lifting jeans.