Posted on February 7, 2015


Match – Using the pretext of a dissertation, Lisa (Carla Gugino) and Mike (Matthew Lillard) interview Julliard ballet instructor Tobias (Patrick Stewart). Toby is wonderfully gay, tossing out French phrases, and loves talking about himself. After a bit, he invites them to his apartment for a drink and introduces them to a little hash smoking. Soon Mike becomes antagonistic and his questions get a little too personal, specifically about all the sex Toby says he had in the 60s, specifically the Fall of 1967.

He then accuses Toby of being his father and wrestles him to the floor in order to take a DNA sample, completely overlooking a whole jar of fingernail clippings (apparently one of Toby’s eccentricities) that he could have used. While Mike is having the DNA tested, Lisa stays with Toby and they learn about each other’s faults and fears. Toby says that his goal is to set his students free. He ends up helping free himself as well as Mike and Lisa. This is an adult film with language and sex talk. Stewart is just perfect. Gugino is beautiful, particularly when she has this hood that frames her face perfectly.