A Most Violent Year

Posted on February 6, 2015


A Most Violent Year – In a business known for being corrupt, in a town and time (New York, 1981) known for crime, Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) is trying his best to stay inside the law. This doesn’t mean he’s not above a few shortcuts or taking advantage of everything he can. He teaches his drivers and salespeople at Standard Heating Oil to believe they work for best. Yet he has been investigated for years, especially by Assistant DA Lawrence (David Oyelowo), for under-reporting income, rigging scales, etc.
Abel is on the verge of making the deal that will put his company way above the competition when someone starts hijacking his trucks, terrorizing his sales staff, and breaking into his home. He really needed better security there. Wife Anna (Jessica Chastain) is the tough one in the family and she keeps the company books. She hasn’t quite got past her past as the daughter of a small time gangster. You know this because of the slightly trashy way she dresses – in Armani yet.
The story is let out bit by bit. Abel believes the way to succeed is to take the “most right” path. In the end, it seems he and Lawrence have reached an understanding. There is some violence here, but it’s a well done, quiet movie with a couple of shocks. Isaac reminds one of JFK, Jr., not quite as fine looking but close enough that you’d get no complaints.