Posted on January 28, 2015


Whiplash – Andrew (Miles Teller “The Spectacular Now”; “Divergent”) dreams of being one of the great ones (drummers) like Buddy Rich or Charlie Parker. When Conductor Fletcher (J. K. Simmons “Law and Order”) at Shaffer Conservatory taps him to be part of the core group, he thinks he’s on his way. But no, no, no, Fletcher is one sick sob. He pits the band members against one another. He’s terrifying and brutal with military-like behavior, believing that calling them horrible names, from faggots to f-ups, is a way of motivating them. Yelling “faster, faster” he drives Andrew to practice endlessly until his hands are a bloody mess. But Andrew’s obsession to achieve greatness turns him into a mini-me version of Fletcher who then turns on him.

This is a different kind of movie and a very, very good one. It is intense. Both Teller and Simmons give outstanding performances. Paul Reiser “Mad About You” plays Andrew’s father and Melissa Benoist plays his girlfriend.