Posted on January 24, 2015


Mortdecai – Oh, dear, this is positively dreadful. Johnny Depp’s character of Lord Charlie Mortdecai is absolutely ridiculous. He uses this phony “uppah clahss” accent that comes off as just silly. Jock (Paul Bettany) is his manservant who’s willing to take a bullet for him. He mainly appears pained and constipated. Gwyneth Paltrow looks lovely as Lady Mortdecai while saying they are “staring down the barrel of insolvency”. Ewan McGregor does the most with his role as Mi5 Inspector Martland.

There’s too much vomit and gagging with a bit of coarse humor. It’s tedious and really not even worth discussing. So sorry for Mr. Depp.

Posted in: Flop, January 2015