Posted on January 23, 2015


Cake – In physical and mental pain, Claire (Jennifer Aniston) is kicked out of her support group for her unsentimentality about one of their member’s (Nina played by Anna Kendrick) suicide. Claire’s face is scarred, her body is obviously hurting, she’s addicted to Percocet with a wine chaser. The story is leaked out, bit by bit until you get the whole picture. You learn that Nina jumped off an overpass onto a truckbed and you learn that Claire was in an accident of some sort.

All the drugs Claire consumes bring on hallucinations. For relief, she sleeps with the pool boy, takes advantage of her housekeeper Silvana (Adriana Barraza), manipulates the leader of her support group (Felicity Huffman), and becomes friends with Nina’s husband (Sam Worthington) and son, and beats the heck out of the cause of her accident (William H. Macy). She does it all with dark humor and lots of cussing.

It’s the best movie Jennifer Aniston has ever done. It’s not necessarily great acting, just the first substantial story she’s done. Totally loved Silvana the housekeeper. That was some great acting. And while the story sounds depressing, it really isn’t.