Inherent Vice

Posted on January 19, 2015


Inherent Vice – This movie probably will offend a lot of people – it has language, full frontal and backal nudity, sex, and would ya look at the menu posted in a cat house.
Set in 1970, Joaquin Phoenix is “Doc” Sportello, a dope-smoking private investigator, with an aversion to soap and water. The story is narrated a la Sam Spade. It features a possible murder and/or kidnapping, an Indo-China drug cartel posing as a front for money laundering (I’m pretty sure that’s what Jade said), dentists smuggling cocaine, a white-robed Aryan brotherhood cult, and it all revolves around real estate mogul Mickey Wolffman (Eric Roberts) and Doc’s ex-girlfriend Shasta. Josh Brolin (Bigfoot) is LAPD, calls Doc “Little Hippie” and is so much fun to watch, especially when he’s eating chocolate covered bananas.
There are a ton of characters, too many to mention. But just to give you an idea, one counselor says she talks kids into sensible drug use. It has all the 70s clothing, accessories, beaded curtains, music from Neil Young and Sam Cooke, and it’s covered in a cloud of weed so thick you can almost smell it. Far out.