American Sniper

Posted on January 18, 2015


American Sniper – Raised by a flag waving, bible thumping, gun toting dad, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) believes it’s his God-given duty to protect his country. After 9/11 he trains to become a SEAL. In short order, he earns the nickname Legend. Fighting in a country that uses women and children as suicide bombers, he saves many of his team’s lives. Sometimes the victims are innocent – sometimes not, but how are our guys to know.
Back home, Kyle’s pregnant wife (Sienna Miller) waits and worries as do countless other military wives. After four tours, he’s ready to come home or so he thinks. This is based on the true story of Kyle as the deadliest sniper in American history. There are some gruesome, stomach-turning, cover your eyes scenes. If this had been directed by anyone other than Clint Eastwood, I would not have gone to see it. It’s worthy of his name and Cooper does a terrific job.

The military motivates by denigration, brainwashes its soldiers, turns them into killing machines, and then expects them to return home to become productive members of society. When will we learn that war is never the answer.