Big Eyes

Posted on December 27, 2014


Big Eyes – In the late 1950s, it was apparently accepted that an employer could ask a woman if her husband was okay with her working. With that attitude, it’s no wonder Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) goes along with second husband Walter Keane’s (Christoph Waltz) scheme to take credit for her art. Walter is a real estate broker and a “Sunday” painter. He wants desperately to be accepted into the art world. At first, Margaret is a bit naïve and falls for his line of bs that no one really buys “lady art.”

Walter is a good yet sleazy salesman, with a cheesy-big-bad-wolf smile, and soon gets the world to notice Margaret’s paintings of little big-eyed kids, all the while claiming them as his own. Margaret hates the lying especially to her young daughter Jane. Success is not enough for Walter, he wants even more money and starts turning out reproductions as fast as they can be printed. Meanwhile, Margaret finally sees through him and his maniacal ways.

They end up in court and Waltz takes it over the top – he’s convincing, he’s conniving, he’s irrational, he’s perfect in this role. He does not know how to be otherwise, I think. Terrence Stamp is John Cannady, the art critic who has Walter’s number from the beginning. Loved Krysten Ritter as DeeAnn, Margaret’s only friend. In 1958, did parents put their kids in the back seat if the front passenger seat was empty?