Posted on December 26, 2014


Unbroken – On his way to competing a second time for a possible and likely second medal in the Olympics, Louie Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) is stopped by World War II. The games are canceled for the first time ever. Louie becomes an Air Force bombardier. He and his crew survive a crash landing. Then their plane is shot down and lands in the ocean. He and three crew members manage to end up on a raft. They spend the next 47 days – count ‘em – eating raw fish, which they kill by beating and stabbing them to death. Louie keeps them going by telling stories of his mother’s cooking.

They are rescued by the Japanese Navy who take them to an prisoner camp. Sadistic Corporal Watanabe (Miyavi), known as The Bird, takes a particular dislike to Louie. He beats him mercilessly. At one point he forces every prisoner there to punch Louie in the face. Another time when Louie appears to be near death, The Bird makes him pick up a huge log and raise it up to his shoulders. He stands like that for what seems like hours. Then in a burst of super human strength Louie pumps it up over his head. You can’t help but hope he will use it to crush The Bird.

It’s an amazing story from the Laura Hillenbrand’s book. How any person could take and live through so much punishment is incredible. Mr. Zamperini is one in a million. As much as I didn’t like the character Watanabe, Miyavi does a heck of a job of playing The Bird.