Posted on December 23, 2014


Foxcatcher – A true story about one of the rich DuPonts who lured a couple of Olympic gold medal wrestling winners to his lair. John duPont (Steve Carell) is a strange bird who’s into ornithology and wrestling. He starts with Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and after getting him hooked on cocaine, he turns to older brother David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). Fortunately, Dave is a family man and is stronger.

Carell looks so much like an adult “Brick,” the kid on TV’s The Middle, in his portrayal of the Coach. He does a really good job of capturing a strange, creepy, powerful person used to getting his way. There are nuances of latent homosexuality. Channing Tatum portrays the wrestler as a stiff-legged, dumb jock who’s a bit more slow-witted than normal. Ruffalo is almost unrecognizable except for his lopsided mouth. Both do great work. The still beautiful Vanessa Redgrave is DuPont’s mother who thinks wrestling is a “low” sport, possibly due to all that close body contact while wearing those unflattering baby rompers.

A shocking ending.