Posted on November 16, 2014


Rosewater – Maziar Bahari was a journalist who went back to Tehran for just a week to cover the presidential election and to visit his mom. It appears obvious the people voted for Mousavi, but they’re told no, no, the supreme leader won. Bahari films protestors being shot and killed. Next thing he knows, the government accuses him of being a spy and takes him to prison. For almost six months, he’s tortured mentally and physically.

Bahari’s father was imprisoned under the shah and his sister under the Ayatollah’s reign – it’s apparently a family tradition. Both are deceased but he gets inspiration and strength from them. Once he realizes that the government leaders are paranoid and in fear of freedom, he uses that to his advantage. He figures out that he can tantalize his captor “Rosewater” (so called because he uses a rosewater perfume) by making up spicy stories about three-girl-massages, etc. He also does a graceful, flowing, joyful dance which he knows is being watched.

Based on Bahari’s memoir “Then They Came For Me” and directed by Jon Stewart, it shows that when you operate from fear, you can’t win. A serious subject with enough lightness to make it enjoyable.