Posted on November 2, 2014


Nightcrawler – Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) steals stuff and sells it but only until he can find honest employment. He weasels and pushes his way into the photographic news business with the most graphic shots he can get. A fast learner, he watches intently, speaks precisely and sucks up when he thinks necessary. A touch of mental instability lurks about him.

Striking a deal with Nina (Rene Russo), local news director of the lowest rated show in LA, he begins to bring her more and more lead stories. He’s able to hire an assistant, Rick (Riz Ahmed) and train him. He kills the competition, literally. Wanting more of everything and demanding more of everyone, including Nina, Lou begins to be more daring. Beating the cops to a home invasion with a triple murder, he withholds evidence so he can set the stage for an even bigger headline. It’s Gyllenhaal at his best. His big eyes work well for him here, he has this creepy smile and an even creepier calmness when he explains to Rick or to Nina how they need to do what he wants them to do.

It is more than intense, it is extreme and fierce.