Listen Up Philip

Posted on November 1, 2014


Listen Up Philip – This is a “hmmm, what is this about” kind of movie. Jason Schwartzman plays Philip, a “notable, not successful” writer who is broke even with a second novel about to be published. He’s a self-absorbed, snobbish, egotistical a—h—. He’s pathetic and self-pitying. Against all odds, his girlfriend Ashley, played very, very well by Elizabeth Moss, wants to believe that he’s better than he is. He leaves her, she gets a cat, she sells his clothes.
His idol, writer Ike Zimmerman (Jonathan Price) who has some really great book titles, invites Philip to live with him in his remote cottage. Zimmerman’s daughter is there too and has problems with her dad.

Called “remarkably intelligent” by one reviewer, it really isn’t. There are sparks of smartness and lightness, but it’s generally somber and pretentious.