St. Vincent

Posted on October 27, 2014


St. Vincent – New neighbor (Melissa McCarthy) Maggie and son Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) move next door to grouchy Vincent (Bill Murray). Maggie is in process of getting a divorce and desperately needs after school help with Oliver. Vincent is in desperate need of money and agrees to babysit. Oliver is smart, serious and small for his size. As the new kid in St. Patrick’s, he’s a prime target for the bullies. Vin says he needs to learn self-defense. He teaches him how to throw a mean uppercut, how to cuss, how to place a trifecta bet, and how to make his voice heard.
Murray is at his best here. When Maggie jumps all over him for being irresponsible, he tells her she has no idea who he is. No one else does either. They don’t know he’s a war hero, they don’t know how he cares for his wife who has Alzheimer’s, they don’t know how he helps others.
Great supporting cast. The little boy is perfect. Naomi Watts (Daka) is wonderful too as the pregnant “Lady of the Night.” Chris O’Dowd is funny Brother Geraghty and Terence Howard is Vin’s bookie. McCarthy was not her usual caustic, sarcastic self, which was a good thing. She so over-emoted when telling the Monsignor and Brother G. her pathetic tale about her pathetic husband, I kept expecting her to do an aside with a wink and an “I got them fooled.”
In many ways, it’s a 1950s wholesome movie, updated with drinking, smoking, gambling, and a strip dancer. Stay through the very end watching Vin happily watering his dirt patch and his dead plant.