A Walk Among The Tombstones

Posted on September 21, 2014


A Walk Among the Tombstones – Former detective Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson), now unlicensed PI, is asked by fellow AA participant Peter (Boyd Holbrook, a model) to help out his brother Kenny (Dan Stevens). Kenny is a drug trafficker whose wife was kidnapped and killed even after he paid a $400,000 ransom. They asked for a million and he kind of bargained them down. Ergo, she ended up not only dead but in little pieces.
Scudder decides to help once he finds out what sicko, psycho crazies are involved in this and other murders. A couple of former DEA agents, Ray (David Harbour) and Yuri (Sebastian Roche) are out to divest drug dealers of their dollars and the lives of their loved ones and they do it in a gruesome, grisly way. Brian “Astro” Bradley plays TJ, a black, homeless, cynical teenager who adds lightness and brings out Scudder’s softer side.
It’s a very good thriller movie, based on Lawrence Block’s book, and would have been even better, in my opinion, if it had been less graphic. I have an imagination, I don’t need to see all that gore. Really. Neeson is one mighty tough son of a gun. There’s a sadness in his eyes that goes deep. And he can be so tender. Sort of Clint Eastwood and Patrick Dempsey rolled into one. Harbour is so good as the degenerative psychopathic I didn’t even want to mention him.