The Trip to Italy

Posted on September 13, 2014


The Trip to Italy – Rob Brydon is asked to do another restaurant critique article – this time in Italy. He asks Steve Coogan to join him. Visiting six restaurants in six different places, each more beautiful than the last, they compete with one another, discussing the merits of Byron and Shelley, and do impressions of movie stars like Brandon, DeNiro and even Clint Eastwood. Brydon does some Robin Williams-like dual dialogues that are very funny. I do wish I had a better ear for the British accent as I’m sure I missed a lot of great material.

It’s basically a week-long conversation covering everything from Alanis Morissette and Michael Buble music to old age and death to personal situations with teenage son, ex-wife, and adultery. Added to that is great looking food, luxurious hotel suites, and spectacular scenery. La dolce vita is mentioned several times. With all that pasta and wine, this kind of trip is definitely my idea of “the sweet life.”

I thought they drove on the left side of the road in Italy. In this they drove a Mini-Cooper with steering wheel on the left and stayed on the right. Guess my thinking was incorrect.