Land Ho

Posted on September 13, 2014


Land Ho – While The Trip to Italy is about two middle-aged guys on a road trip in Italy, Land Ho is about two old guys on a road trip in Iceland. There are a few similarities in that they talk about movies and women.

Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) is a bit of a dirty old man. Example: He asks a couple of honeymooners how many times they’ve hit the mat in the last four days. Colin (Paul Eenhoorn) is his former brother-in-law. Mitch’s wife left him and he’s been forced to retire. Colin is widowed and divorced.

Mitch thinks they need to get their groove back. He’s always got a doobie ready. They dance along a shore made of what appears to be volcanic ash, they watch a geyser do what geysers do, they enjoy some good meals, they camp out and smoke Cuban cigars. They want to feel that they’ve still got it.
When you see them sauntering at the spa, you believe they do.