When The Game Stands Tall

Posted on August 25, 2014


When The Game Stands Tall – Based on Coach Bob Ladouceur’s amazing 151 straight high school football wins and a dozen or so state championships, this is one sappy movie. Jim Caviezel plays the coach as a somber, humorless, scripture-quoting, boring guy. It pretty much has a heavy-handed feel throughout. Laura Dern is the coach’s wife. She overacts. Michael Chiklis as assistant coach Terry Eidson brightens it up and Clancy Brown as an overbearing, obnoxious parent adds some energy.

There’s a touching scene where the players are taken to a VA rehabilitation facility and get to interact with amputees. And the end is somewhat inspirational when instead of one of the players going for a record breaking goal, he “takes a knee” which apparently is football’s version of running the clock out in order to honor Coach Ladouceur. While you can’t fault the coach’s record, you can the movie…or at least I can.