What If

Posted on August 24, 2014


What If – A romantic comedy for 20-somethings since it’s a little sweet, a little romantic, and a little disgusting. Med school dropout Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe -Harry Potter) is immediately attracted to Chantry (Zoe Kazan) when they meet at a party. They really connect while discussing the amount of feces Elvis had in his colon when he died – see what I mean by disgusting. She has a live-in boyfriend of five years and only wants to be friends. Apparently the movie was originally titled “The F Word”.

Wallace’s best friend Allan (Adam Driver) is a wild, crazy character who’d be chosen Least Likely to Get Married ends up getting married to Nicole (Mackenzie Davis – check out her Adam’s apple). Chantry’s boyfriend Ben gets transferred to Dublin for six months paving the way for Wallace to become friendlier with Chantry. Megan Park does a super job playing Dalia, sister to Chantry, and they even kind of look alike.

The graphics for credits are cute. You find out what a Fool’s Gold sandwich is – another disgusting part.