Magic In The Moonlight

Posted on August 24, 2014


Magic In The Moonlight – Colin Firth (Stanley) is a renowned magician and debunker of charlatans when his cousin Howard (Simon McBurney) calls him in to check out Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) who can communicate with spirits on the other side. Believing in facts, not any kind of higher being or the afterlife, he is sure she and her mother (Marcia Gay Harden) are out to fleece the rich Catledge family where the ukulele-playing son Brice is completely smitten with the lovely Sophie. Try as he might, arrogant, cynical, stodgy Stanley cannot detect how Sophie knows what she knows even though she looks and acts like a complete fake. When she tells of his Aunt Vanessa’s (Eileen Atkins) long-ago secret affair with a married member of Parliament, he decides she’s really the real deal.

It takes place in the 1920s on the French Riviera. The setting is idyllic and the clothes are exquisite. Very Great Gatsby-ish with jazzy music. Emma Stone is charming and so is Mr. Firth. Love it when he refers to himself as a brilliant, witty genius. Written and directed by Woody Allen, it’s close to his delightful Midnight in Paris.