Edge of Tomorrow

Posted on June 8, 2014


Edge of Tomorrow – Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is surprised to find himself ordered to the front lines when an alien invasion against the world is imminent. He’s military but not a real soldier and no desire to be one. Next thing he knows, he’s clomping around in full metal jacket and trying to figure out how to turn the safety off his weapon. He kills an alien known as an Alpha (which looks like a porcupine mated with some seaweed). Somehow his blood gets mixed with Alpha’s and it triggers something known as mimic biology and time keeps repeating so he lives every day over again.

Unlike “Groundhog” though when the next day starts, he gains a little more knowledge. And with each iteration, he gains more skill. Soon he pairs up with Rita (Emily Blunt) aka Full Metal Bitch and/or Angel of Verdun – I don’t know what it means, just go with it. The two of them relive again and again trying to kill off Omega, the world conquering organism that controls time.

There is a lot of fun here. In the first part especially, it seems that it’s a bit of a spoof on this type movie. Some of it is like Cruise is even making fun of himself…and he’s good at it. Bill Paxton plays Master Sergeant Farell who, when asked if he’s American, says no, he’s from Kentucky. Brendan Gleeson plays General Brigham, the one who made the decision to downgrade Major Cage to a Private. This won’t get any awards, but it’s still pretty good entertainment.