Posted on May 31, 2014


Chef – After Carl Caspar (Jon Favreau) is forced by restaurant owner Riva (Dustin Hoffman) to continue serving the same menu he’s been serving for years and after he’s panned by food critic (Oliver Platt) for it and after his rant against the food critic goes viral, he opens a food truck. Traveling from LA to Miami to New Orleans to Austin, Carl and his dimpled, curly-haired son Percy (Emjay Anthony) along with sous chef Martin (John Leguizamo) have the time of their lives. They bond over food, sprinkle cornstarch on their nether regions, laugh at a dancing skeleton puppet, and dance to salsa music.

Sofia Vergara, with blonde hair, is Inez, Carl’s ex-wife. Robert Downey, Jr. is Martin, Inez’s ex-husband. Scarlett Johansson is restaurant hostess and a really close friend to Carl. Directed by Favreau, it’s a story of relationships from father-son to friends to exes. It’s about using social networking to bring people together, selfies, and six-second clips. A funny, feel good movie with an outstanding soundtrack.
Eat before you go – the food looks fabulous.